Painted woodcuts

This series originated in the practice of woodcut for printing. One day I fell in love with the wood blocks and allowed myself to explore the possibilities of expression of the wood itself through successive carvings and layers of paint. This pieces are originals and have never been printed.

Meteorolo.  Acrylic on wood carved panel  30x40"

The Family.  Acrylic on carved panel.  36x36"

September 11.  Acrylic on carved panel, 40x30"

Troubled waters.  Acrylic on carved panel. 48x36"

Woman with darkness.  Acrylic on carved panel.  18x18 "

After the rain. Acrylic on carved wood. 16x16"

The Twins. Acrylic on carved wood. 40x30"

Birth of Meteorolo.  Acrylic on carved wood. 30x40"

©2019  Gloria Calderon Saenz

All images are subject of copyright.