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In 2015 I started working on Brown paper bags. I needed some big format option with materials available and free. I collected boxes from the recycling bins and started cutting out forms and constructing wall pieces, focusing on composition and drama.

Brown Paper Series

Collage and acrylic on post-consumer paper. 84x84"


Mola maker                acrylic on collaged brown bags, 60x84"

Refugiados                     Acrylic and post-consumer paper on wood

Bodies and river                             Acrylic and pastel crayon on brown bag paper. 60x96"

Post-industrial Mola                           Acrylic on post-consumer papers. 72x84"

Mola of disagreements                         Acrylic on brown bag paper with pieces of a peace agreement.  72x96"                            

Big bang                            Acrylic and collage with post-consumer papers.    72x84"

Exhaling                      Acrylic and pastel crayon on brown bag paper.  60x96"

Vortex                                 Collage and stain with post-consumer paper.   72x96"

Targets r us                                   Acrylic on collaged brown paper bags.  60x96"

Dance without gravity                  Acrylic and crayon on collaged brown bags.  60x96"

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