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This is my new web site. Thanks to Philip, my husband, I have the opportunity to share my art with you,  through the  “window” of technology, at any time, from anywhere. I will also write regulary about what I am thinking, doing or wanting to do.  I will write in English, Spanish or French, depending on which language express better the particular ideas of the day. Making a website is also an emotional challenge because I had to dig old photos from pieces that I made longtime ago, and I still consider them important even if I feel far away from them. Seing art on a computer screen is a sort of “objective” experience, I can critizice my own pieces better than when I see them in my studio, full size. It’s like they get concentrated in some sort of “pure extract”. Some are too sweet, some are bitter or acidic or have little taste. I want to delete some of them and a minute later I want to embrace them all and learn from observing what worked better.

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