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Año Sabatico- Anee Sabbatique- Sabbatical Year- Cali Colombia

“La finalidad del primer día es llevarnos al segundo día” (Peter Brook, Ensayos sobre el teatro)

Pido perdón a todos mis amigos por no dar muchas noticias durante estos primeros meses de mi año sabático. Es muy dificil vivir una historia y contarla al mismo tiempo. Cuando uno está en la arena, no puede ver […]

Post-consumer material – Redefining abundance

After I moved the studio back home I realized how heavy were some of my paintings, how much room they take to be stored, how much money I had to spend just to make them, and what’s going to happen next? I would die one day and my kids will have to sort through all […]

Leaving the studio at Arlington Center for the Arts

After 8 years as a studio artist I just finished packing and cleaning and throwing away stuff, tons of old sketches, a painful task, my body hurts from heavy lifting, painting wall and moping floor. It’s kind of a relief and strange feeling, so many memories in that studio always experimenting with something new, it […]

Villa de Leyva 2013

En el verano 2013 , pase un mes en Villa de Leyva recorriendo caminos, compartiendo con Claudia y su proyecto de Orquesta juvenil, conociendo nuevos y viejos amigos. Estuve dibujando, pintando acuarelas y escribiendo.

Villa vista desde el camino del mercado

Vista desde casa de Claudia

Vista desde el balcon de Ines


KUNA YALA – Summer 2011

In the sumer 2011, I spent a month traveling around the San Blas archipelago along the Atlantic coast of Panama. This group of Islands, about 365, are inhabited by Kuna people, an independent community of about 40.000 souls, settled in about 50 of the islands. All the other Islands are home to coconut palms, […]

Camping in New England

When the weather gets warm one of my favorite things is to go camping by a lake in Vermont , Maine or Western Mass.

These are some collection of watercolors that I’ve done over the years. These are very dear memories, some in good company, other times just by myself


Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Maine


Trip to France

I traveled to France in February. I discover places in the south that were new for me. I was fascinated by the colors, even though it was the winter. Sage and Rosemary green, ocher clay, dark cypress green in tall pointy shapes, blue shutters, vineyards with no leaves, yellow mimosas blooming, old houses and […]

Trip to Colombia

I spent 3 weeks in Colombia this summer. Here are some watercolors from my sketchbook.

New England Printing Arts fair, North Andover MA.

During the very rainy weekend of June 20-21, I participated in the New England Printing Arts fair.

We had a Steamroller that helped us printing big format prints.

Mine was an image carved on plywood, 2 x 4 feet, representing a person riding a bike, having so much fun that he looked like flying…..

The […]

La época de Turgua

Entre los años 1982 y 19998, vivi en Turgua, Venezuela. El lugar queda en las montañas, a una hora de Caracas, esta cubierto de un bosque magnifico lleno de aves, perezas, puercoespines, culebras, insectos. Allí vivían, algunos viven todavía muy queridos amigos que se dedican a la cerámica y carpintería. Han pasado 10 años desde […]